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R: sgml-tools for windows

I have posted the same question the last week.
The summary of the duscussion seems to be:

Corel Wordperfect 2000 may be used to write and read directly sgml/docbooc.
I have not this software and there is not a demo available to check it out.

sgmltools could convert from sgml to rtf, but you cannot convert in the
opposite way (I tried a couple of tools but they didn't worked)

It's a hard work write a converter from rtf format to sgml because rtf could
not support the description of the document structure as sgml (isnt' it,

The last chance is to generate some diabolic Micro$oft Word97 template/addon
that reads sgml, use Word97 styles and structures and after saves in sgml
formaty again.
Is there some crazy byte that wants to do this ?

Hoping to find a funny stupid What i Want Is What I Get editor for sgml
under Windoze,

Gabriele Vivinetto

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Oggetto: sgml-tools for windows

>Please set the anti-windows issues aside. I much prefer Linux myself,
>and that is why I have written a couple HOWTO's. However, there are lots
>of times that I am unfortunately stuck on Windows, and would like to
>still work on some of my HOWTO's. Are there any tools to convert my LDP
>SGML files to other formats, when using windows?

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