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RE: CD, search engine

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> From: guylhemlistes@free.fr []
> Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2000 4:43 AM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org
> Subject: CD, search engine
> I'm browsing through the CD mails and I think Garry idea is 
> good : what about 
> using our pdf documents with a pdf display engine and search engine?

That's only really makes sense to me if we're talking about the demolinux
CD.  It does not make sense for a CD collection of the HOWTOs.  

> We could also provide this as a .deb/.rpm package to install 
> in /opt/ldp for 
> people who would like an easy way to browse and read the HOWTOs.

We could, but I don't think it makes all that much sense for us to do that.
If we're going to provide them packaged, why not just include the RPMs from
the distributions, with a few updates.  

> If there's no GPLed pdf display engine/search engine, we can 
> still use html, 
> but I think we should try pdf, it is easy to print and read, 
> on many OSes.
> (anyway, IIRC, ghostview *does* support pdf)

There are a few, but I'd rather see us provide the CD and the documents.  If
they want readers, then the DemoLinux CD is ideal, they can boot the CD, and
read the docs online.

I guess the question is this: Do we want to create an LDP CD, with all of
the LDP documents, in various formats, with some sort of HTML interface
(basically a copy of the LDP website on CD, I think), or do we want to go
with a DemoLinux CD, and include the documents and figure out a nice viewer
on there.  I'd vote for an LDP CD, with some secondary things on the
DemoLinux CD, but I think that we should be helping them out with what we'd
like for our stuff, not creating anything by ourselves.  Just my $.02

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