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HTML HOWTOs and Re: CD edition

I'm still of the same opinion that we have more important things to
do than producing a CD.  I think that all Linux distributions on CD
should include our docs and as far as I know most of them do.  Thus a
demo CD should include them but let whoever puts out the CD do that.

What I think needs doing is generating single file html howtos.  These
would replace the existing tarred and gziped HTML files available for
downloading.  The HOWTOs for reading online would remain spilt to save
bandwidth for people who only read a small part of the HOWTO online.

Then we could encourage people to put links to other HOWTOs into the
HOWTOs.  It would be assumed that they are all in the same directory
and are single-file HOWTOs.  In some cases where people get a few
individual HOWTOs, the links would be broken, but for others they
would be useful.  (The split HOWTOs would have these HOWTO-to-HOWTO
links in them also).  Then we could suggest that when HOWTOs are
included with CDs, that they be in this single-file HTML format for
cases where there is only room for one format on the CD.

The option of suppling sgml and then converting them to whatever
format one wants is good for people with newer PCs.  But with old PCs
like the 486 this could take a long time (hours) to run.  Thus it's
not suitable to run during the install process.  So for the time being
I don't think we need to do anything about this but it's a possibility
for future effort once we take care of more important tasks such as:
1. Reducing spam and off-topic posts to ldp-discuss
2. Finding a HOWTO coordinator to discuss new HOWTO proposals on a
one-to-one basis and put a summary of what's happening on ldp-discuss.

                        David Lawyer

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