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Re: CD edition

On Sun, Apr 23, 2000 at 02:51:03PM -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> I had a long conversation with William Brown at MCP last Thursday
> and he tells me MCP would be delighted to press our CDs for us.

It would be a demolinux CD with LDP docs and a windows interface.

> He also wanted to know more about the submission process; MCP is
> willing to commit some people-hours to going through LDP docs and
> doing basic editorial work (clean up the grammar, spell-check, adjust
> for consistent indexing, non-techie stuff like that) --- could we
> create a small 'job-jar' which lists documents ripe for small fixup
> tasks like that?

I suggest they subscribe these people to ldp-submit to proof read the
document ; they can also proof-read the documents already available.

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