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Missing the point?

I think you are missing the point here, what I "think" the guy is
to say is that he would like to write a HOWTO that will help
specifically Technical/OpenSource people understand the basics of
how to
be effective with political advocacy.
I don't think I am. I think the guy is looking for a pulpit, and I don't think LDP is a pulpit. Furthermore, I think the reason LDP and Linux are effective is that they're two of the few bright lights of excellence awash in a sea of mediocre political activists. Linus Torvalds isn't politically correct. Politically, he's maladroit. But he has humongous respect from the masses. Why? Because he doesn't advocate anything but excellence. My kind of idol.

Don't feel you need anything but a track record and self confidence. Only the insecure are evangelists.