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Re: Editor flame war

Ok, ok, enough of the editor wars.  I'm getting too old for this ;)

>>>>> "G" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:

    G> Those seem to be the two big "unix editors".  I'd like a
    G> windowing based alternative, because I don't know how to cut
    G> and paste with emacs yet (and I use it for all of my SGML
    G> work).

1) Highlight your text with a mouse
2) Select "Edit/Cut"
3) Click on a new location
4) Select "Edit/Paste"

or, much more quickly, if you want to just copy ...

1) Highlight your text with a mouse
2) hover over the new location and press mouse-button-2 
   (or both on a 2 button mouse)

but that is an X standard and has nothing to do with Emacs, although
X copy/paste appears to be somewhat broken when talking to WP, SO,
Netscape or Java ... curious that it is those 4 which are the most
popular non-freedom free softwares used in the Linux world.

Back to cut and paste, for those who love their wrists

1) Go to the start of the text, press Ctrl-space (aka set-mark)
2) Go to the end and press Ctrl-W (C-w aka 'wipe')
3) Go to the new location and press Ctrl-y (aka 'yank')

How is this done in Word Perfect?

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