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Hi Andrea,

    ar> Hello eveybody, bonjour  tous!

    ar> I just arrived this morning in office and I really wanted to
    ar> thank you very much for exhibiting in Montreal on April 10-12,
    ar> 2000.  It was our first show in Canada and we are really happy
    ar> of the results.  The press had only good words regarding the
    ar> organization of the exhibition and the attendance.  Since we
    ar> had a snow storm........on the first day of the event, we
    ar> received less people than we announced (more than 4000 though)
    ar> BUT, as mentionned byt the exhibitors themselves we received
    ar> very good quality of people such as IT Director, Top
    ar> Management people and Project Manager etc.  A snow storm in
    ar> April in Montreal hasn't arrived in more than 100
    ar> years........bad luck !!!!

    ar> I really would love to have your comments on the show.  

Thanks for the kind note.  I have no comments to add to your summary;
you sum it up beautifully.  LinuxExpo Canada had to start somewhere
and I'm happy it started with this event.  Despite the snow, everyone
I talked to was happy with the event.

One small comment I will make is on the length of the keynote
addresses; having so many top speakers one after another in a marathon
session was a challenge of audience endurance.  I'm not certain what
could be done about it, especially when all the names were such
celebrities; it's not a criticism, just a comment.

Also, from a thematic exhibit design point of view, and again, this is
just an idea and not a criticism, I'd like to see the exhibit floor
arranged in layers concentrically outward from the orgs; this mirrors
the true situation in Linux where the new large-company interests are
still highly dependent on the source of their wares, the FSF and the
Linux orgs.  There is a trend in modern Linux trade shows towards
marginalizing these groups into far corners; it would cost no more to
place them in a pavillion at the center of the floor, and would
rightly place them as the hub, the center of the Linux universe, in
the direct path of all traffic lines.

Thanks again for a wonderful show, and I shall look forward to next year.

Best regards,

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com>  TeleDynamics Communications Inc
Business Innovations Through Open Source Systems: http://www.teledyn.com
"Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers."(Pablo Picasso)

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