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Re: [blt] how do you tar a set of files for a package

> This is one of the things to put on an index card ;-)
>         gzip -dc filename.gz | tar -xvf -
>         tar -cvf tarballname.tar files_or_directory
>         tar -cvzf tarballname.tar.gz files_or_directory

How about this for an idea:

Most packages have a Frequently Asked Question list.  The FAQ is usually  the
second place I go if I'm having a problem involving a package, the first being
the man page.  For years I've kept a "manual extract" book with cut down versions
of manuals on commands and functions I use frequently but not every day.
Information I look up several times is a good candidate for the book.

Here's the idea:

New Documents or segments of an FAQ

Frequently Executed Commands for a package

Complete commands with sets of options for various purposes with a description of
the purpose of the command not longer than a single line of text, preferably on
the same line as the command

For example

tar -xvf filename     Extract and List files from a .tar file
tar -xzvf  filename  Extract and List files from a .tar.gz file

Frequently Used Flags

tar x Extract as in tar xf filename
      v List files while extracting  as in tar xvf filename
       f filename  Specify the filename for input or output as in xf or cf
       c Create an archive as in tar cf mystuff.tar

Now imagine a database or XML document per package with a dtd containing


I think  FEC documents be easy to generate from such an XML document.  So would
other documentation.

A collection of such XML documents would help reduce the number of times I need
to look at an FAQ.

I wonder if  the participants of the Linux Documentation Project have had similar


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