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Re: SGML tools aren't so great

On May 3,  2:13pm, Gary Preckshot wrote:
> Subject: Re: SGML tools aren't so great
> I'm getting WP9 because it seems to offer the best solution
> on both Windows and Linux platforms for GUI SGML.

I have to add that there are indeed some excellent
editors out there...but they are not cheap/free and
you are limited in terms of platform support.

Two that come readily to mind are ArborText's ADEPT (probably
the top-of-the-line for SGML editing/publishing, imo) and
Adobe's Framemaker+SGML.

I'll repeat...excellent environment to work in, but not cheap.

> With luck, with WP9 I'll have only glancing contact with
> SGML. Does anybody know how I get the source for the Large
> Disk mini-HOWTO?

It recently went from a mini HOWTO to a "full" HOWTO (in Feb).
SGML source ...

linuxdoc (native; what the author submitted) :


DocBook (derived) :



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