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Re: Keep away from proprietary poison!

Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

>Beware of WP, StarOffice, etc, since they use proprietary formats,

According to the DOC, WP reads and writes SGML, which isn't proprietary.

>It is NOT a matter of price. WP, soffice, etc, are available free of charge.
It is a matter of decency.
We ought to "eat our own dogfood", or else we lose all our credibility
as a project to document a complete free software system.

Sounds like religion to me. What matter if you get SGML, regardless of source. And
if WP does a better job than anything else, maybe that's a sign that our stuff
should be improved. After all, Linux is destined to replace Windows because it's
better, not because you worship it. And WP does have the advantage that it runs on
the two major platforms most people use, Linux and Windows. Since I have four OSs
on my machine, that's a major consideration.

>Call that "NIH syndrome" if you wish; to me, it's about self-respect.

If self-respect is your goal, maybe you should start by learning to read. Not only
have several posters discussed WP9 doing SGML, but this was a useful discussion
and your intemperate remarks don't add anything useful, as well as being wrong.
I'd be a little embarrassed if I were you.


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