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Re: if SGML is so great...

On May 4,  8:17am, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Subject: RE: if SGML is so great...
> >
> > > There is also a tag-quick-reference table that Norm (Walsh,
> > author of
> > > DocBook: TDG) and Leonard Muellner put together...
> > >
> > >         DocBook V3.1 Quick Reference
> > >         http://www.nwalsh.com/docbook/defguide/qr/quickref.htm
> > >
> > > lists <tag> and <brief description> only; but quite handy for
> > > quick look-ups.
> >
> > I have the feeling this is DocBook DTD as opposed to the
> > LinuxDoc DTD, am I right? If so I'd like a similar reference
> > guide for the LinuxDoc DTD. Last night I took a long hard look
> > in the docs for SGMLTools and did not find what I needed there.
> Yep, that's DocBook.  I think that the only such reference for the
> LinuxDocDTD is the DTD itself.  If you're using an RPM based
> distribution, then 'rpm -ql sgmltools' will give you a listing
> where you can probably find the DTD itself.

Mark covers some of this in the HOWTO-HOWTO : "Getting Started with
LinuxDoc", but it's not exactly what you are looking for.

We  could/should put something like this together and put it in
the HOWTO-HOWTO...quick ref tag guide for LinuxDoc and DocBook.

> > Finally there is no <manpage> like tag in the mapping nor in the
> > above mentioned references. A HOWTO reference tag would also be
> > nice.
> I think <refentry> is the DocBook tag, but I'm not 100% sure on that;
> I'm fairly confident that LinuxDoc doesn't have anything useful for
> man pages.

Correct on both accounts.

> As for the HOWTO reference tag, what do you mean?  Godoy and I have
> talked about getting a special document type for the LDP called
> HOWTO, but I'm not sure if he made any progress on that.  I'm not
> sure if you're looking for something different in it's markup
> capabilities, or just in name.
>    Greg

NO! I'm strongly opposed to extending the vanilla DocBook DTD!!
Please let's stick to the standard. <article> should work just fine
for any and all HOWTOs; if not, then go with <book> as your
top-level container element. DocBook is such a rich, full-featured
DTD, I can't really see us needing anything beyond what it already
offers (at this point anyway).

Certainly extend the DSSSL stylesheets, if so desired, to give a
"LDP-look" to the derived HTML/print outputs -- but for processing
purposes, document exchange, author convenience, and many other
reasons -- let's stick with the stock DocBook DTD.


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