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RE: Authentication HOWTO

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> From: Peter Hernberg []
> Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 8:14 PM
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> Subject: Authentication HOWTO
> Having recently joined this list, I've been reading
> the thread about sgml tools, so I'll throw in my two
> cents. As someone who's never befored touched sgml or
> Docbook, the whole process seemed rather trivial. I
> downloaded the sgml version of a HOWTO, fired up gvim,
> yanked the text of the HOWTO (leaving the tags), and
> started writing. All the tags seemed rather intuitive.
> Being a geek and having worked with html certainly
> helped, but it really was pretty simple. IMHO, anyone
> technically competent enough to be writing an LDP doc
> shouldn't have much trouble figuring out the basics
> sgml.

ok, I have just one more thing to add to this before I REALLY let it die.  I
use the DocBook markup tags to help me write a better document.  They force
me to think about exactly what it is that I'm writing, and to make sure that
I don't do stupid things.  If I'm writing a list, and it turns out that I'm
including definitions for each enttry there, I say, oh, I should be using a
variablelist and not a whichever other kind of list I started with.  If I'm
putting in examples, I say oh, there's an example, I should stick that
inside of an example.  I certainly can't do that by writing my text in a WP.

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