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Re: SGML tools aren't so great

--- Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> wrote:
> And the situation is the same for GUI tools.  You
> can get GUI HTML
> editors, and a lot of people use them, but their
> pages are largely
> inferior (there are exceptions)

WYSIWYG HTML tools, if you properly, can be very
useful. The web is a visual medium, and building a web
site without visual tools, while not impossible, makes
it difficult to design an asthetically pleasing site.
Honestly, how many visually attractive websites have
you with the "this website developed in vi" logo?
Obviously, the code generated by WYSIWYGs HTML editors
should be hand-tuned, but the result is generally
better than anything made with a text editor.

But I digress. The justification for WYSIWYG HTML
editors cuts the other way for docbook sgml. LDP docs
are about content, not a pretty visual theme designed
by some marketing department. As long as HOWTOs can
viewed with a white background (why is gray netscape's
default?!?) and a readable font, I think most readers
will be happy. The most sophisticated part of any
HOWTO is the inevitable ASCII diagram. I just don't
see the huge need for a visual sgml tool, so I guess
I'm agreeing with you (except for that rant about
WYSIWYG HTML editors).

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