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Re: solution for images

> Awesome, thanks. Now quick question, do you know how this is handled
> when you convert it to other formats?

You create multiple files of different formats (perhaps EPS for
PostScript and TeX, GIF for HTML). Then you specify just the filename
without the extension and the stylesheets then determine which file to
use based on the output format.

But actually now that you mention it, it seems that the example given 
in the book is wrong. You actually do a graphic like this (as I
understand it): 
<graphic fileref="copilot"></graphic>

Then you create copilot.eps and copilot.gif. 

Of course, this is all academic, because you shouldn't really use
<graphic>, it seems to be sort of deprecated. That is, some parts of the
reference say don't use it while other parts use it as an example.. Use
mediaobject instead. 


That snip is of a big long explanation of MediaObject that I got halfway
through writing then realised it has already been done for me.



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