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[Fwd: X security and using xhost + and xhost +localhost to allow kppp to be run by a user]

Bruce Richardson wrote:

> On Sun, May 07, 2000 at 08:46:54AM -0400, pac1@tiac.net wrote:
> [snip X security problem]
> I think you've mistaken the purpose of this list.  It's for discussing
> issues about producing Linux documentation.  It's not a general Linux
> Q&A lists.

You're right of course, but buried in the posting, sort of as a sub-text is the
issue of how to get authoritative information about an important topic.    What
follows is not a request for information about X server but a proposal for a new
howto or mini how-to.

The documentation issue is this:  It is not commonly known how to set up X
security properly, especially with everyone and his brother or sister grabbing a
distro and installing Linux on their PC. There's a lot of conflicting
information being bandied about on various mailing lists, and the documentation
that exists seems more directed toward large scale installations where X servers
are called upon to provide services for many users.

What we need is good reliable and focused information on using X servers on a
single user workstation connected to the internet via an ISP, expecially
information related to security in such a situation.

the  XFree86-HOWTO, The Linux XFree86 HOWTO is a bit daunting to a new linux

We're talking mini-howto here. focus on just X for a workstation, connected to
ISP.    Maybe the info is already a howto under another name?   Maybe we need to
write one.  I'm available to help.