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Re: SGML tools aren't so great

"der.hans" <ldp-discuss@LuftHans.com> writes:

> > I'll repeat...excellent environment to work in, but not cheap.
> If they work, then we need to have that listed on the H-H. Frame is
> available where I was working (Motorola) and I could've gotten at least
> one copy of Frame+SGML "for evaluation purposes" if I'd've wanted to :).
> If we can get WP and other word processors to spit out good docbook,
> cool. I won't be using them :), but no reason for others to not do
> so. What satanic incantations they have to make is mostly irrelevant as
> long as they provide proper sgml. It's their souls at stake, not mine :).

I'd like to say that although they produce SGML output, one should be
very careful on using them. Always take a look at it's output and see
if nothing can be improved. 

It would be nice if we could have one of these to try with Greg's

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