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Re: LDP could use some help with markup.

Wrote Gregory Leblanc on Mon, May 08, 2000 at 02:24:14PM -0700:
> Hi there!  Since I'm tired of doing real work this afternoon, I'm going to
> take a break and ask for help.  :)  
> I sent out a message a while ago (probably about 2 weeks) to the authors of
> the HTML-only documents that the LDP hosts to ask the authors about
> converting to DocBook SGML. 

This is a great idea! 

I have converted the Man Page HOWTO. The SGML source and a sample HTML
conversion is available here:

I will talk to Jens about this and see where he is at with DocBook so he
can fix a few things in the DocBook source (it was difficult to
translate a few parts of his HTML) and move to DocBook for his
maintenance of the HOWTO as soon as possible.


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