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Re: Email Aliases

At 09:24 09/05/00 -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> >>>>> "Y" == Yves Bellefeuille <yan@storm.ca> writes:
>     Y> I'm satisfied that my current address at yan@storm.ca will
>     Y> remain valid indefinitely (as much as these things can be
>     Y> certain, anyway). 
>As Dr. Who often said: "Forever is a long time"

3 years ago, I was also 100% sure my email would always be guylhem@oeil.qc.ca

Alas, the domain owner went to France and put his machine on a cable connection, and it is mostly down.

Now I have bought my own domain but before setting them up I'm using @metalab and @ifrance (usa.net alike) email.

I do not keep a single ISP since I move quite often and I have yet to find the "all times best".

>Maybe I can explain our reasons for creating these addresses:  Authors
>grow old, get involved in other things, get married, have kids, change
>jobs, live their lives, and move on.

There are other reasons :-)

>While your email address may be relatively permanent, you may find
>someday that you are no longer interested or able to maintain the
>document, yet all the millions of mirrors and CDROM mirrors of it will
>still point to your address.  It may cheer you up in your old age to

And that is the real problem : finding where your old email is used and trying to update each old program/document.

I'm even considering buying oeil.qc.ca domain to keep my 3 years-old email.

>If we assign an email address for the document itself, we can track
>immediately when an author vanishes and, if need be, find them an
>assistant or re-assign the document to another volunteer.  When each
>document has its own email address, changing the maintainer will
>retroactively change the contact address for all those millions of
>already-distributed copies.  All for the price of a simple edit of an
>aliases table.

You perfectly sum up the idea.

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