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Re: Problems with sgmltools 2.0.2 (+?)

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Dan Scott wrote:

> I've tried getting the latest version of the sgmltools, following Mark's
> instructions in the HOWTO-HOWTO, and it looks like I'm getting the source okay.
> However, the sgmltools/VERSION file still contains the number 2.0.2, so I'm not
> 100% sure I'm getting the absolute latest version.
> Anyways, there are a couple of problems that I seem to be stumbling into trying
> to get the whole thing to compile:
> 1) I've read in the INSTALL instructions that gcc 2.8 may fail to compile
> sgmltools, and the recommendation was to use gcc 2.7. Ages ago, I switched to
> gcc 2.95.2; these days, even the kernel compiles with it (heh). I'm not
> relishing the thought of trying to set up my system to include both versions of
> gcc. Do you know whether the following warnings (one set; there are other
> similar warnings) result from using a recent version of gcc?

Jade just doesn't grok egcs or gcc 2.95 

However. Most recent distributions ship with jade and most other tools
compiled. So Cees created a stripped down version as can be read in his

> SGMLtools-Lite 3.0.0 has been released. This is just the Python part
> of SGMLtools v2.0, which has become sort of obsolete because all the
> underlying packages are part of most Linux distributions. There are a
> couple of new backends: "onehtml" provides the nochunks HTML, and "pdb"
> gives you a PalmOS iSilo file (if you have iSilo386 installed).

> Please let me now if you want to take part in further developing this 
> front-end.

> http://sgmltools-lite.sourceforge.net/


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