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Please Vote for Templates


I would like to submit a kind of poll about LinuxDoc/DocBook (*Doc*) Templates.
2./ *Doc* Template

Actually, the first main difficulty when beginning to compose docs is to obtain
a working CATALOG. As many others I began with the cygnus packages and 8 months
later I'm in terrible mess with DTDs & Stylesheets everywhere. Experts may say
it's just my fault but (many !) others may admit they are in the same situation

All users need a distro independant CATALOG Template.

The experts could easily upgrade DTDs & stylesheets "by hand".
The "packagers" would have a standard base to build their deb, rpm, whatever.
The newbies could take advantage of the packages and as they become experts
could keep their software up & running without 200 Hours of housekeeping.

This morning I posted about the mix between sgmltools & DocBook. I finally found
problems where only DSSSL Stylesheets pointers. Now that I have a working
CATALOG I must admit that both sgmltools-lite and db2xxx are great scripts.

Is it possible to add a HOWTO-HOWTO section : Howto Build a *Doc* CATALOG + a
downloadable fully commented CATALOG Template ?

One other point. The investment in DSSSL would be a great benefit when we have
to migrate to XML.

2./ *Doc* Template
I'm not the first to propose this (I forgot who did it, please excuse me).
Many beginners could take advantage of a Howto Template (skeleton) with standard
Header + disclaimer + tag groups and so on.
Entities & graphics for instances are improvements compared to LinuxDoc.
If there's no user's guide, we will soon find Howtos with hundreds of "chunks"
in everey different file formats. The *Docs* integrity may be quite difficult to

Is it possible to add a HOWTO-HOWTO section : DocBook Template Use of Entities ?

Here it is ! What do you think of it


- Philippe
----[E-mail] : philippe.latu@linux-france.org
---[InetDoc] : http://www.linux-france.org/prj/inetdoc
[Guide RNIS] : http://www.linux-france.org/article/connex/RNIS

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