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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

On Sat, 13 May 2000, jdd wrote:

> may I quote that the content of this thread shows as an evidence why I did
> NOT switch to docbook. A question asking for a syntesis document gives
> more and more cryptics answers.
> I could use linucdoc in a day or so. If I must learn that sort of things
> to run docbook, I will not do that now!

I had LinuxDoc up and running in hours, I've read the revised HOWTO-HOWTO,
followed instructions (where there were instructions, a lot of parts in
the HOWTO-HOWTO just say "refer to here for instructions", and there never
is any) and still don't have a working DocBook installation.

This really is a large pain in the behind guys, can you possibly make it
any less painful over here?  Most of the "instructions" are ambiguous
where they exist.  I find myself going through 3 or 4 levels of "Go here
for installation instructions" just to find nothing which helps, or
instructions for a platform I'm not on.  (How to install it in Dos helps
me very little...)

I think I have the dtd installed, but the dsssl is another matter.  Not to
mention, where do you get this "sgmlcheck" utility?  Last I saw of it was
in sgmltools v1, but these docs make some reference to it.

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