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Re: Feedback

"Blier, Mark (305) 375-3566" wrote:
> Thank you for a very intriguing and useful bulletin about Linux.  It seems
> that the more I read about Linux, the more interested I become.
> But, I keep asking myself one thing:  Is there yet such a thing as the
> DEFINITIVE, or FULL or OFFICIAL version of Linux?  I would hate to install
> some version, only to find that it is incomplete.

Linux is the kernel, what you are looking for is a Linux distribution
with all the utilities and configurations. Not surprisingly there is
a HOWTO for your very question:
and more complete, frequently updated lists can be found in
the Linux Weekly News
specifically the column aptly named "Distributions", recently:
numbering about 120 diferent distributions.

> I still keep looking for the best and most complete version,, and I wish you
> all success with this project.

Completeness depends on platform: Intel 32 bit, Alpha 64 bit,
Palm Pilot, routers etc. It all depends, and that is why there
are so many distributions to choose from.

Assuming you have a Pentium PC of some sort I would look into
Debian, SuSE and Mandrake and then go to Freshmeat
to pick up what you want.

Finally, this list is stricktly for the discussion of the documentation
project (LDP), I believe you will find faster and more complete answers
in more suitable fora elsewhere. This followup is crossposted to the
list as a submission to a sorely needed FAQ.

   Stein Gjoen

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