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RE: experimental release of linuxdoc-tools (based on sgml-tools 1 .0.9)

At 09:24 18/05/00 -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > I suggest you also rename each executable "sgml2xxx" to 
> > "linuxdoc2xxx".
>Come on, Guy, pay attention.  :-)  He said that he wasn't changing these
>with this release to maintain backwards compatibility.

This is not backward compatibility for me :-)
Maybe a make install-backwardcompatible or a ./configure option on by default to install symlinks?

>I'd rather see them stay for now, and perhaps a couple of "bug-fix" versions later, then consider changing the names.  There should at least be some warning to users who want the newer versions that the upgrade will break all of their wrappers and scripts

vi script

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