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We can list Your Website

We can list your website in all 
major Search Engines and achieve Top 30 positions. GUARANTEED! 

If people cannot find your business in the first 
10 to 30 matches of a search, then submitting was a waste of 

Search engine positioning is the most cost effective way 
of promoting your Website.

Why Search Engine Top Rankings?

Simply submitting your pages to search engines using the 
conventional way does not guarantee you'll rank high in the 
People usually read only the first 10 to 30 matches of their 

If your page did not appear in the first 30, most people won't 
get to it. 
That's why it's a good investment achieving search engines top 


Nearly everyone (95% of Internet users) begins their Web travel 
at a major search engine. When people find your pages using 
search engines is because they are looking for the type of 
company, service or 
product you offer. 

Hence, it's more probable they buy from you. 
Studies have proven that people coming to your site from search 
engines are more likely to buy than if you attract them using 
other forms 
of Web promotion. 

We key on the following 20 major search engines:
AskJeeves-AOL Search-Netscape-HotBot-MSN-Infoseek-Snap-
Google-Northern Light-Open Directory-Findwhat-Magellan-Goto

Once your site is listed at or near the top of a major search 
engine, it can stay there for some time. However, it can also 
fall in 
rank over time. That's why we resubmit any of your pages dropped 
by a major search engine for a period of 4 months.

Let us start launching your pages to the top of the search 
results today!

Our goal is to list your website in all
major search engines and achieve Top 30 positions. 

For more information please email us with this subject: 
Send me more information to sendmeinfo@earthlink.net

Or call:

Nick Velez
1-718-583-3134  Monday-Friday 11AM to 7PM Eastern Time

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from future mailings (see below). 

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regardinginfo12@earthlink.net with 'remove' in 
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