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I just wanted to say that I am very greatful for LDP.  It has helped me to learn more about the linux kernal and about recompiling and reconfiguring my kernal.  That way I can get a better performance for my system.
I do however, have one suggestiong, but I can understand if there are reasons that do not allow this to be done, but it would be great if there was a complete PDF file (one single PDF File) that contains all of the Howto's and mini howtos and would be downloadable.  Unfortunately, I have been trying to get my networking in linux working correctly, but I have to continuelly reboot my system to WINDOWS (yuck) in order to go online via cable modem and look at and print more HOWTO's.  If I had a singal file to download, I could just print it all out or at least those sections that would be of use or help to me.
Thanks you guys.