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Re: Authorship

Gregory Leblanc wrote:

A very balanced reply, Greg.

Apropos vi, I don't like it because it's a mode editor. If
forget which mode
you're in, or don't look, you end up typing a nonsense
command. I
really hate
"powerful" editors, Windows or Linux. Part of the reason is
I have
MS, and
inadvertently strike keys I don't mean to. I hate it when
editor goes off and
does something weird.

As for emacs, the X-Windows version is far better than the
terminal version. Its
help really, really sucks. Only if you know the name can you
it up. But then
you don't need to. We really need some graphics of emacs
I did the WP
graphics almost without effort. That's a sign that something
way easier to
use. I also figured out the basic structure of DocBook just
WP without any
help from the HOWTO-HOWTO. That's a sign it needs major
modification. It should
be a one-stop place for authors to get everything. One thing
shouldn't do,
which it does now, is confuse authors by talking about stuff
LDP is leaving

BTW, this discussion is healthy and long overdue. When I
first got
on this forum,
it was obvious that all I could do is irritate people of
membership. I was pretty sure I was right, but I had nothing
demonstrate it.
Now I've taken Mark's howto and rewritten it with a tool
that he
wrote off. It
has graphics where it had none before. You may not agree
with me,
but you can't
shrug off an SGML fait accompli.


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