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Re: Authorship

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
>and Gary for bitching about every little damn thing.  :-)

it's one of my talents

>I don't know what I'd do if I got some
of mine re-written by somebody.

I had to show Mark I took him seriously enough to put out
effort. I could
have just bitched, but it would only have been sniping. I
don't like to
offer comments that are not constructive. I think you'd have

understood that.

Mark, one of the joys of authorship, sometimes considered a
by some, is
having someone take you seriously enough to give you an
appraisal of your
work. It isn't always gratifying to the ego, but I've found
even hostile
reviewers, and I'm not one, come up with a grain of truth.
also found that
it really pissed them off when I took the good stuff in what
said and came
back with a much improved writing. Vengeance is doing
better. And
I got to review
their stuff eventually. It sucked.


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