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Re: Authorship

David Merrill wrote:
> Sorry for the rant, but I'm getting frustrated. What I'm trying, and failing,
> to say is that a little hand holding would be appreciated. Even if you think it
> belongs in an appendix or a separate HOWTO, please provide more information,
> rather than less, on establishing a working environment for DocBook.
> Of course, I will understand if I am in such a small minority that going out of
> your way to help me is effort better spent elsewhere, but I wanted to share my
> viewpoint.

You're not alone David.  I don't think anyone had an easy time figuring
out the Docbook stuff.  (sgmltools 2.02 doesn't compile on any machine
I've ever tried...and when I started trying to figure out DocBook that
was what seemed to be the recommended path...thankfully, I don't think
anyone is suggesting that terror anymore.)

I probably never would have gotten a working DocBook evironment were it
not for an upgrade to RH 6.2.
                    Joe Cooper <joe@swelltech.com>
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