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Re: Updates/changes to the HOWTO template.

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
[big snip]

> How should linking between HOWTOs be accomplished?  In the reading plan
> example, "newbies" are recommended to read all of the other disk related
> HOWTOs.  If I were a newbie, I wouldn't know what to read.

This reopens a number of discussions, none successfully concluded.
Ever the optimist I'll give it another try...

Inter-HOWTO linking is hard as we cannot know the final file structure
in a distribution. All HTML files might be in one huge directory or
in their own directory such as
in which case a simpe relative link will fail.
Worse, the HOWTOs might be under /usr/share/doc/HOWTO (for FHS)
as opposed to under /usr/doc/HOWTO (as for the traditional FSSTND).

A post-installation script might work in which case a <HOWTO> tag
might come in useful for inter-HOWTO linking.

The second problem of finding related HOWTOs by hand requires
a single line synopsis and a set of keywords, neither of which
is yet supported by LinuxDoc. I do hope I can persuade someone
to make it.

> Just as an informational thing, is vger still that overloaded?  I know that
> it's running on an SS10 now, rather than the old, slow IPX.  Email through
> the lists that I read there seems to be plenty fast, especially since the
> CVS repository is gone from there.

It seemed fast to me but you might wish to use some of the
archives too:

> In the section about other HOWTOs, is Metalab too generic of a term?  There
> are dozens of SunSites around the nation, but is it obvious that we're
> talking about the MetaLab machine hosted by the University of North
> Carolina?

My impression was that Metalab was specific to the SunSite at UNC.
Note that there are SunSites outside the US too.

> I seem to recall someone mentioning a site that tried to keep an up-to-date
> list of all of the Linux Users Groups.  It would be nice to include a link
> to this site in the help section.


> That's all I've got for the time being, so I'm going to mail this off.  I'll
> be quite slow at responding to email until Thursday or Friday, so please be
> patient with me.  Thanks!

   Stein Gjoen

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