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Re: writing HOWTO in DocBook 3.1 SGML

Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:

> We're going to need a BIG tip/note/readme about this someplace.  The output
> that ld2db produces has the author information as in the original message,
> while the markup that Godoy posted is much more correct.  Perhaps we need a
> section someplace for migrating from LinuxDoc to DocBook, and a pointer to
> the template (which I think we should recommend in place of the
> example.sgml).  Later,

We're facing the same problems on LDP that I'm facing here at
Conectiva: some authors are worried with the document appearance 
and not it's markup. The correctness of markup is what we should look
at. The appearance can be whatever we want in the future. 

Having the correct markup now, we'll have a solid documentation base
and we'll benefit from future search engines that can parse SGML/XML
and other tools that deals with them... 

If the correct markup _doesn't have_ the desired appearance _as a
consensus_, we can change it. Use the correct markup and we can try to
fix it's appearance. 

Think in strucuture, not in appearance.

Godoy.  <godoy@conectiva.com> 

Departamento de Publicações
Publishing Department                   Conectiva S.A.

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