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Re: HOWTO-HOWTO recommendations

Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Big snips ahead...
> David Merrill wrote:
> [on the template...]
> > It will be referenced from the H-H, right?
> I hope so but that is up to the author of the H-H. There is a DocBook
> version of the Template too so I hope both are referenced.

Will this be available via CVS or on the www.linuxdoc.org site?

> [snip]
> > IMHO, it should be referenced in the H-H. In fact, each of the author-related
> > HOWTOs should probably contain a list of all the others -- in the section for
> > "Further Reading".
> There is also an "Author/Contribute" box on the LinuxDoc home page
> where we could fit in templates (LinuxDoc and DocBook DTD) and
> style guides.

I'm starting a style guide in the H-H.  Seems to be the logical place
to put it.

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