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Re: HOWTO-HOWTO recommendations

On Jun 7,  2:30pm, Gary Preckshot wrote:
> Subject: Re: HOWTO-HOWTO recommendations
> Stein Gjoen wrote:
> > >
> > >  1:get tools and start      H-H        Linux Specific
> > >  2:intro to SGML            H-H?       General purpose
> > >  3:intro to LinuxDoc        example/T  Linux specific
> > >  5:style guide              soon in T  LDP specific, possibly
> > >  4:get template and write   Template   General purpose
> > >  5:submission to LDP        H-H        LDP specific
> > >  6:link checking            linkcheck  General purpose/HTML
> I thought the LDP was going to DocBook 3.1.

There's a difference between "going to" and "supporting".
linuxdoc support will remain in place, primarily for legacy
content. It gives authors a chance to transition into the
DocBook world (if so desired) gracefully; as opposed to the
LDP saying it will *only* accept DocBook.

Both are needed; however, more emphasis should be placed on
using DocBook as it is a more full-featured DTD, with more
tools support, etc. We should strongly /suggest/ that any *new*
content be done in DocBook.

> If there's an "intro to LinuxDoc," there ought to be an "intro
> to DocBook" and there ought also to be an explanation of why two
> DTDs are being referenced. Also, jade and Norman Walsh's DSSSL
> seem to work with DocBook, not LinuxDoc. Is this true? And shouldn't
> it be noted?

Yes and yes. The older sgml-tools support linuxdoc. There is no
linuxdoc support with these newer tools (short of doing a conversion
to DocBook with ld2db or some method such as that).

We need to make that perfectly clear as to what toolset is
needed based on the DTD being used.


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