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More HOWTO-HOWTO Recommendations

Mark, the H-H is _much_ easier to follow with the restructuring. I now
understand the tools better than I did before. I hadn't realized that the
sgml-tools were wrappers for jade.

I have a few, smaller suggestions now.

"Purpose / Scope..." has a typo, "documentaiton".

In "Introduction to the LDP and SGML", move "For New Authors" and "Mailing
Lists" up so that they come _before_ "SGML" and "Why SGML". This keeps all of
the general information first, followed by the more technical information.

Instead of "Introduction to the LDP and SGML", "Introduction to LDP Authoring"
describes the subject better, I think.

Split the "SGML" section up at "SGML has really three parts", "Second is" and
"Finally", so it reads better.

There is no information on how to install the DTD or DSSSL. Presumably this is
in the DSSSL documentation, although I haven't gotten that far yet.

The link to the DSSSL documentation is stale. The new version is db154d.zip.
Since this will update regularly, a link to the parent page (just drop the zip
file name) might be better than a link to the zip file.

I found a copy of jade-1.2.1-0.i386.rpm in the RH6.2 distribution. I installed
it from the rpm.

I already have sgml-tools 1.0.9 installed, which only supports LinuxDoc. Do I
need to uninstall it, or will it peacefully coexist with the DocBook tools?

Well, that's as far as I got tonight. Star Trek TNG was on; surely you
understand. :)

More tomorrow.


David Merrill

David Merrill

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