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Re: Jade ftp link in H-H doesn't work

On Jun 9,  3:15pm, Roel van Meer wrote:
> Subject: Jade ftp link in H-H doesn't work
> Hi all,
> The HOWTO-HOWTO mentions a link to the jade sources. I'v tried to
> get them there, but I can't fetch the file. It is there, in fact,
> but the download stalls almost immediately. (I've managed to get
> 9 kb during a 30 min download... )
> Might be something to fix, or am I the only one experiencing
> this problem?

Looks like it's working ok, I just tried it. The package itself
is only ~1meg. I can place the package in a different location,
or push it to you, if you'd like. Let me know.


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