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Re: Permission to submit HOWTO


This sounds great. I am sure you can handle DocBook though. For basic
markup it is not that different. For example:

LinuxDoc: <P>blah
DocBook: <Para>blah</Para>




It is really not that different for basic markup.

Joshua Drake

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, M. Leo Cooper wrote:

<CITE>Dear HOWTO Coordinator,
<CITE>I am working on and would like to submit to the LDP a HOWTO on the subject
<CITE>of "Bash Scripting" (shell scripting, using 'bash'). As it happens,
<CITE>I have been writing this document, off and on, for about the last eight
<CITE>months or so, and I could produce a first draft in ASCII text format in
<CITE>a matter of just a few more days.
<CITE>Mendel Cooper
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