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Re: Updates/changes to the HOWTO template.

Am 08. Jun, 2000 schwäzte Stein Gjoen so:

> The cleanest solution is to form a sub group of the LDP to create
> and maintain RPM files (The Debian maintainer is already in the LDP).
> This gives us control over the LDP specific structure and also I
> believe this will ensure more distributions package the latest
> documents as opposed to 2 year old ones.

Actually, I don't think we should maintain the packages. Way too many
dists out there. Do we want to maintain RPM for Red Hat, English RPM for
SuSE, German RPM for SuSE, Turkish RPM for the Turkish dist I showed
someone, etc? Each of those could be doing stuff differently. Not to
mention someone that gets the "source tarball" from us :).

What we should do is figure out what the options are that might be
different in different setups, e.g. base_dir and all-in-one-dir
vs. sub-dirs-per-HOWTO and single-doc vs. muiti-doc.

We should then create the tools that allows them to create the base they
want from the sgml sources and let them worry about packaging.

Minimally we should be able to do a find and replace pretty easily if we
can get HOWTO authors to use the same syntax for referencing other HOWTOs.

This also makes it easy to support other languages and probably even
multiple languages, e.g. "see the blah-HOWTO (en|de|fr|kr|ja|etc) to learn
how to blah".

The same concept could be used to update already installed docs when
HOWTOs get added or removed. That would take more work to make sure it
doesn't get screwed up :).

These tools couls probably also be used by other doc projects and, in
fact, other doc projects might've already built something like this.

Yes, I will help with this :), once I've gotten the hang of Docbook, but
that itself is at least a couple of weeks out :(.


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