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Re: Rep:Re: Permission to submit HOWTO

--- Gary Preckshot <garrell@inreach.com> wrote:
> LDP is being held back by
> rugged individualists who are determined to write
> in raw SGML 

Gary, let me tell you something: I recently wrote my first HOWTO, the User
Authentication HOWTO. I wrote in "raw" sgml, using nothing but vi (ok, so it was
gvim :) and Docbook: TDG. I knew there were better tools, but I had to get it
written fast and I didn't have time download, compile, and learn the tools.
Besides, I like the control that I have when I edit the raw sgml.

So go ahead, Gary. Call me a rugged individualist. Call me a geek. I wear both
terms with great pride. I'd rather be a rugged individualist using vi to write
helpful documentation than an annoying whiner using Outlook to write destructive

> no matter what the cost.

Ok, this is line that really pissed me off. The straw that broke the camel's
back. I'd like to think that by using my text editor to write a HOWTO in raw
sgml I was (in my small way) contributing to the LDP. But that's not how it
works in Gary Preckshot's world. You see, in Gary Preckshot's world, I was
harming the LDP in some egregious and yet mysteriously unspecified way. Oops.

And one last thing: "Ad hominem" is not spelled "ad homonym". If you're going to
use latin phrases to tacitly assert your intellectual superiority, you might try
to get the spelling right.

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