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Squid HOWTO proposal.

I've begun work on a complete Squid HOWTO, and am about 2200 words into
it.  I started it for other purposes but found it had general
applicability and so I'm DcoBooking it and adding a ton of other stuff. 
My HOWTO will have only slight convergence with the Squid/Proxy
mini-HOWTO already in the LDP.

I just wanted to make sure I'm not redoing something someone has already
done.  If anyone is already working on a Squid HOWTO, I'll gladly lend a
hand if someone else is further along, or welcome additions to my own
documentation if mine is further along.  I haven't seen mention of
anyone working on such a HOWTO, so I will proceed on the assumption that
nothing of the sort is happening.

I expect to have a completed HOWTO in ~2 weeks.  I'll post more on it

Questions, comments, and suggestions, are always welcome.
                    Joe Cooper <joe@swelltech.com>
                Affordable Web Caching Proxy Appliances

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