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jade errors / ldp.dsl file

Hi all,

I've installed the dtd, the dsssl and jade like the H-H says. It mentions
the ldp.dsl file, but does say exactly what to do with it. Can anyone help
me out?

Second problem:
I tried to convert the H-H.sgml to HTML. That worked. The only thing is,
jade complains a LOT.
I get three types of errors:

jade:/usr/local/sgml/dtd/docbook.cat:22:0:W: DTDDECL catalog entries are
not supported

jade:/usr/local/sgml/dtd/dbcent.mod:54:0:E: cannot open
"/usr/local/sgml/dtd/iso-amsa.gml" (No such file or directory)

general entity "Pcy" not defined and no default entity

Can somebody point me out to the severity of these errors? Can they be

tia & gz

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