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Re: HTML only, need SGML

Ooh sorry I didn't read carefully enough.

Tony I have already done the Man Page HOWTO - Jens (the author) is
currently learning DocBook so he can fix a few things up then he will
submit it when done.

(Greg F - this explains why I questioned Anthony being listed as doing
the Man Page howto..)

Best Regards,

Wrote Anthony E. Greene on Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 04:29:58PM +0200:
> At 15:25 2000-06-12 -0400, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> >Here is a list of HOWTOs currently in HTML only. If you are working
> >on converting this to SGML (or know of someone who is), can you
> >please email me the name and/or email of the individual.
> I'll convert these to DocBook:
>  - mini/Linux-Modem-Sharing.html
>  - mini/Man-Page.html
> Should they be sent to ldp-submit when done?

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