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Re: OMF info (was: Gary Preckshot)

On Jun 13,  9:30pm, Gary Preckshot wrote:
> Subject: Re: Gary Preckshot
> Gregory LeBlanc writes:
> > Hmm, that's significantly cooler than I'd thought that it was.
> > What's the current status on this project?
> Why didn't he know what the status was?

I've been doing my best to stay abreast of what was/is happening
with the project. Sometimes that's difficult to do, given my
other responsibilities. I really like what I've seen lately
from Paul's group. It's worth investing more time into this
project from the perspective of the LDP (again, imo). I apologize
for not knowing more about the project.

> Same as me, in the several weeks I've been on this board, and
> during the entire discussion of searching, Greg Ferguson never
> made so much as a peep about the search project he knew about.

I hate to do this (yeah, it's childish on my part), but since
you felt inclined to belittle me... ;-)

Part of a thread dated 28/30 May 2000 ("search capability"):


Part of a thread dated 1 May 2000 ("Questions about future"):


The last major announcement from Paul came in early Feb 2000:


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