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Indexing, the OMF, and the LDP

I visited the OMF webpage, and the Dublin Core webpage also. I still don't
understand the details of the proposed implementation. I didn't see anywhere on
the OMF page that I could download code to look at. I did see the
"specification", which consists of 16 elements in a custom DTD. I'm confused

Can someone please explain what the indexing goals are for the LDP at this
time? Or, point me to where this information is published? How do the OMF and
LDP work together? Or do they?

Is this information that we should make available to all LDP authors?

May I also point out that if we need to do all of our DocBook markup in a
certain way to conform to OMF requirements, or to use OMF effectively, that is
an argument in favor of having separate LDP authors from LDP markup volunteers.
We might want markup people that are specifically trained to do LDP markup.
Yes, I am volunteering to be one of these people. This should result in more
consistent markup across documents.

You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled mailing list, already in

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.

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