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Re: Blank template

> > > So, am I going a good direction with this?  Too many 
> > comments?  Too few?
> > >  Greg
> > 
> > I'm assuming this is aimed at the extreme novice Docbook 
> > author; if so, you're
> > right to err on the side of overkill. 
> ok, I'll stick with lots of comments.

Ah I'll throw a paddle back in the other direction: way too many
comments. The template needs to be concise to be usable, and some things
are overkill. Like this:

<email>YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS</email> <!-- Your email address ->

(ok that's not the exact text but something like that)

Actually I'm a little confused as to the audience of the template - if
it is to extreme novice DocBook authors then I think you need another
one for people with a reasonable amount of experience who just want a
click thing to fill in with a nice consistent structure to start with.

Other than that the template looks very good! It is a very good idea.


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