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Re: Tools to convert *to* DocBook?

On Jun 15, 11:47am, Mark Komarinski wrote:
> Subject: Tools to convert *to* DocBook?
> The editing section of the H-H is coming along nicely, thanks
> to everyone who gave comments.
> Now I'm looking for a list of utilities that will convert to DocBook
> from HTML/RTF/etc.  The primary motive is to make it easier to
> go from StarOffice to something pretty much ready for the LDP (for
> example).
> The ulterior motive is that I have a book I'll be writing
> this summer, and I really really want to use DB to do it.  Most of
> my existing text is in RTF, so I need to convert about 400 pages of
> text into something close to DocBook.  Any ideas?

Some info:

   Public s/w:

   Commercial s/w:

I'm not sure how current all the links are.


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