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bootable linux cdrom with root filesystem HOWTO

jmcelroy <jmcelroy@dtgnet.com> wrote:
> Would there be interest in a HOW-TO about creating a a bootable
> CDROM containing the root filesystem?

I'm the author of the Bootdisk-HOWTO, which covers creating bootable
diskettes.  I've been getting some questions on how to create a bootable
CDROM, and adding these instructions to my doc is on my TO-DO list.  I've
seen the process described elsewhere but I've been putting off writing up
the instructions until I could test them myself and burn my own.

If you'd like to contribute a section to my doc, it would be welcome.  You
could also check the CDROM-HOWTO and CDROM-burning-HOWTO to see if you'd
fit in there.  Neither of these other docs has instructions on creating a
viable root filesystem from scratch (which is a detailed operation), so if
your approach involves that you may be better off contributing to my doc.
Of course, you're free to do anything you want, including starting your own

> The instructions will be RedHat specific, But the concepts should work
> for other distributions.

In my opinion HOWTOs shouldn't be distribution-specific.  I'm not sure what
the LDP policy is.


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