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Re: SGML in other applications

Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> IF you feel that the information that you are providing is that important,
> get off your soapbox, and sit down at your keyboard for something useful.
> Make a DocBook chapter for the Authoring-HOWTO that covers the tools that
> you are so damn passionate about.

Seeing the mention of the A-H (the document formerly known as HOWTO-HOWTO)
The name will be...*drumroll*

LDP Author Guide


I've already converted the document over to book format - boy was that
easy.  Anyone with chapters to add may do so by sending me just
the chapter.  If you have sections of a chapter you wish to submit
please use <section> instead of <sect[1..5]> to let me insert the
text easier.

I'm documenting more editing tools (nedit) and Jorge will be adding his
DocBook chapter this weekend.

More images, no tables, and an index(!).  Maybe glossary too.  Depends
on how motivated I get.


PS If other companies used SGML to jump off a bridge, should the
LDP jump too?

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