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Re: blank template, again

On Jun 15,  2:32pm, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Subject: blank template, again
> ok, I'm actually going to attach it on the first try this time.  :-)
> Anyway, this is basically a stripped version of the Multi-Disk HOWTO.
> I actually took the DocBook version, cut all of the content, and
> about 80% of the tags.  I used the structure from the first three
> sections, and then snipped the body, then took a little structure
> at the end.  A lot of the markup got upgraded, and there's a lot
> that could be in there, but it's at least a start (and I'm tired of
> staring at it for now).  So, without further adieu...

Nice! One comment... ;-)

What about the use of a revision history? Using it makes the date and
rev number implementation cleaner; rather than slamming both into
<pubdate>. Also, I would point out that the history should (probably)
be done with the most-recent entry at the top of the stack (more style



         <date>15 June 2000</date>
            Fixed some more stuff

         <date>1 May 2000</date>
            Fixed some stuff



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