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RE: Lots of SPAM on the list

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> From: Yves Bellefeuille []
> Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2000 7:23 PM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.debian.org; ldp-announce@lists.debian.org
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> Subject: Re: Lots of SPAM on the list
> Guylhem Aznar <guylhem@metalab.unc.edu> wrote:
> > Because some of us do not always use the same email address.
> I'm losing hope about the spam problem on these lists ever 
> being solved. 
> Obviously the problem isn't being taken seriously.

It is being taken seriously, there were some 50+ posts on it on one of the
Debian lists, who hosts the LDP lists.  They ARE use some reasonable spam
prevention measures, although there are a couple of basic ones missing.  

> Only subscribers should be allowed to send messages to the lists. If
> you want messages to be auto-approved based on the sender's address,
> then you should let users register more than one address, or send
> messages from unknown addresses to a moderator for approval.

No, this is not a good solution for the LDP, it is a OPEN project, meaning
that anyone can participate.

> At the very least, only subscribers should be allowed to send messages
> to ldp-announce, unless the messages are approved by a moderator.
> Another spammed message was sent to ldp-announce just 
> recently. This is
> unacceptable; I feel that the list maintainer is plain incompetent to
> allow a announcement list to be used for spam.

Actually, I'd like to see the ldp-announce list moderated for ALL posts, so
that spam just gets deleted, and non-announcements, like your message, also
don't go through.  Later,

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