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Re: Lots of SPAM on the list

Le ven, 16 jun 2000, Yves Bellefeuille a écrit :
> Guylhem Aznar <guylhem@metalab.unc.edu> wrote:
> > Because some of us do not always use the same email address.
> I'm losing hope about the spam problem on these lists ever being solved. 
> Obviously the problem isn't being taken seriously.

I really don't understand why you vaste time crying about spam. From this
list, I receive 20-30 dayly messages. On these, barely more than one is a
spam and tons are complains about gary's sake or details about how
big/little a tag must be.

as I can't read all this (I don't says these are not valuable, only than I
can't follow all the threads), I delete without reading all the threads I
know I don't follow, that is 90% of the letters.

in all this the spams are really the less disturbing - let idiots make

but I don't want to miss any important news because the author is out home
and couldn't mail to the list.

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