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Re: Howto style

Feloy wrote:
> Hi,
>  I'm writing a little guide, which can help an author to write an howto,
> following the some rules given by the LDP, through this mailing list at
> this time (like the DocBook version to use, the information to be
> contained in the header, the format to use for the publication date,
> etc).

These are listed already in the LAG (formerly H-H).

> I tried to follow as closely as possible the brief_template from gregory
> Leblanc, and different comments sent to the mailing list.
> It is far from being complete, but I would like to be sure that I got
> the right way.
> Further explanations could be about
> - the structure of the "Structure" section, "Gettting Help" section, ...
> - the usage of an index,
> - the inclusion of figures, examples, codes and command lines,
> - the use of the different 'tagged words',
> - etc.

Some of these are being added as well.

> Note that this document is not intended to replace the different
> writtent templates, nor to be a standalone document. Perhaps a section
> of an existing document, like the H-H or the DocBook-Howto.
> I put a version online at http://feloy.free.fr/style/index.html
> and the sources at http://feloy.free.fr/style/style.tar.gz

I'll be happy to incorporate your comments in the next release of
the LAG.


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